Commercial Mobile Display Cabinets


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Earlier this year we completed our move from three small workshops in North London to a large warehouse-style space in Hertfordshire.  This coincided with the installation of our new CNC nesting machine. The machine has been busy making these mobile cabinets for its subsidiary company – Intelligent Fixings Limited. The cabinets will These cabinets were completely constructed with the innovative ‘if’ PEANUT® connectors. Thomson Brothers have an excellent UK-based source for high-quality castors in numerous colours, which can also be personalised with company branding – the Intelligent Fixings’ logo looks great on these.

These robust cabinets are ideal for commercial/office spaces. They offer great versatility, as they are incredibly simple to manoeuvre, can carry a company’s own branding/logo on the castors and importantly have a timelessly modern look, so would fit into any setting.

The ability to easily move the cabinets would make them ideally suited for residential properties with multi-use rooms too.

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