Transforming Spaces: A Vibrant and Stylish Flat Refurbishment

Our latest endeavour involved working with a creative client on a remarkable Wallside, Barbican project. Together, we embarked on a journey to breathe new life into a flat, transforming it into a vibrant and stylish living space that harmoniously blends functionality with aesthetic appeal.

A Symphony of Tiles

The bathroom became the canvas for creative vision, where we utilised five different tiles to craft an extraordinary and lively ambiance. By combining various tile patterns, colours, and textures, we curated a space that emanates vibrancy and fun. The unique combination of tiles not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of depth and personality within the room. This distinctive approach to tile selection resulted in a bathroom that is truly one-of-a-kind, showcasing the potential for creativity and self-expression in interior design.

Contemporary Elegance and Natural Beauty

In the kitchen, we aimed to strike a balance between contemporary elegance and the natural beauty of sustainable materials. The concrete floor provides a sleek and modern foundation, while rosewood veneer cabinets add warmth and richness to the space. To introduce an element of luxury, we opted for a green marble splashback that elegantly complements the surrounding elements. The soapstone worktops not only offer durability but also exude a timeless appeal, ensuring longevity and practicality in the heart of the home. The result is a kitchen that seamlessly blends style and functionality, creating an inviting and inspiring culinary haven.

A Fusion of Functionality and Design

In the hallway, we focused on creating a seamless transition between spaces, while also incorporating practical elements. The herringbone oak floor adds a touch of sophistication and visual interest, serving as an elegant foundation for the rest of the flat. To enhance functionality, we integrated a utilitarian boot room and storage cabinet, allowing our client to keep their belongings organized and readily accessible. This fusion of functionality and design ensures that the hallway is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a practical and efficient space for everyday living.

A Haven for Imagination and Fun

In addition to the remarkable refurbishment of the flat, we also had the opportunity to create a playroom that would ignite the imagination and bring joy to the little ones. The playroom was designed to be a haven for children, where they could explore, learn, and let their imaginations run wild. To ensure a playful and engaging atmosphere, we incorporated bespoke shelves that offered ample space for furry friends and cherished toys. These shelves not only provide a practical storage solution but also added a touch of whimsy and charm to the space.

This refurbishment is a testament to our commitment to creating remarkable living spaces that reflect the unique personality and style of our clients. By collaborating with our creative client on this Wallside project, we were able to transform a flat into a vibrant and stylish home. From the extraordinary bathroom with its diverse array of tiles to the contemporary elegance of the kitchen and the fusion of functionality and design in the hallway, every aspect of the refurbishment showcases our attention to detail and dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. Thomson Brothers is proud to have played a part in making our client’s vision a reality.


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